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Terms and Conditions

Covid Clause:

If we are forced into lockdown by the government and ArtMasters Visual Art School is closed, effected classes will be rescheduled if possible and or students will be offered their art class online via a zoom session.

Refunds and credits on these cancelled classes will not be issued. Students can arrange a suitable make up class once ArtMasters is officially allowed to reopen. A makeup class is offered and this depends on class availability.

Fee Policy:

ArtMasters Visual Art School fee policy requests that class term fees/deposit are paid on or before the term starts. This payment reserves/confirms your place in the class. Without this confirmation class numbers cannot be finalised. Please note that places will not be held after that time unless other arrangements have been made with the director of Art Masters.

New Students:

Class places are confirmed 1 week prior to the start of classes via email. Deposits are non-refundable once confirmation is sent. It is an ArtMasters priority that you receive maximum one to one tuition and therefore class sizes are small and places limited. Class cancellations during term still require full fee payment.

Make Up Policy:

If you are absent from a class for personal reasons during the school term we can offer a tutoring session in another class for a catch up make up lesson in the same term, or exceptions apply if absent in week 10 of the term. Students receive two makeup sessions per term. We do not deduct, transfer or refund the term fee. Makeups cannot be done in the holiday program.

Students can attend up to two make up classes per term. These are available subject to class availability. If you are going to be absent could you please let your teacher know ASAP or send a text message to Miffy so she can pass the message onto your teacher. We can offer your place to another student wishing to do a makeup class if we are notfied in time.

Late Pick Up Fee:

Parents will be invoiced a late pick up fee if they are more than 10 minutes late, unless prior arrangements have been made with Miffy, Director of ArtMasters. The fee incurred will be $15 after the 10 minutes has elapsed and then each subsequent quarter hour will be charged an additional $15.

Please pick up your child/children on time after their art class. If you are running late for any reason could you please call or text me on 0141817504. On some occasions we may have to leave straight after our class and are preparing for the following class.

Traffic Flow (children's classes):

We have experienced an increase in traffic past our building due to changes in the exit areas around the property so it is important that our students are safe at all times. Please ensure you wait outside ArtMasters, the grass area is a great place to wait and meet other children. We don't want the children running or walking on the busy road unsupervised. We are concerned for their safety.

Classes in session:

When our classes are in session could you not enter the class room until the class has been dismissed as the students need to clean and finish up. If you need to enter before the class finishes could you please notify the teacher beforehand. For safety issues our door will be locked until the class finishes. Please come into the class when your class starts, If there are students still in the class room from the previous class please wait outside until they have left. You are more than welcome to come into the class when the students are dismissed to look at the artwork or have a quick chat with the teacher.

Mobile Phone Usage (Teenagers and adults):

Please keep the use of your mobile phone to a minimum. Please have your phone on silent during class times and please do not take calls in our classroom. If you need to make a call, please step outside. (adults) Children and Teenagers will need the permission from their teacher. Phones can be used to look at images relevant to the students artwork for example, resources and for listening to music with headphones. Please respect the other students and teachers at all times in regards to the use of your mobile phone. They should not be disruptive in any way during our classes.


We reserve the right to refuse admission or cancel the enrollment of any student who poses a disciplinary problem or disrupts other students, as our teachers are not qualified to manage students with behavioural disorders, special needs or students who are unwilling to participate in the scheduled coursework. Please advise staff if your child has any behavioural or social difficulties that may affect them or others within the classroom. These could include anxiety, being socially awkward, physical aggressiveness and shyness. Our staff are not trained to care for children with severe behavioural syndromes.


Students are to arrive 5 minutes before their class starts and wait patiently outside the door of the classroom in a safe place. Please make sure students are on time otherwise they will miss important information in the introductory discussion at the start of the class. Please inform ArtMasters if you are going to late at the commencement of class. The door will remain locked until the teacher is ready to start the class. Do not disturb the teacher before this time as the teacher is busy with preparations for the class, unless it is an emergency. Do not just drop off your child and drive away. Make sure the door is opened and the teacher is in attendance.


We do not provide food or snacks during our classes. Drinking water is always available upon request. Students can bring their own water bottles to class.


We reserve the right to change teachers without notice because of circumstances outside our control, and we will not issue a refund or transfer if there has been a change in teacher of a class that you or your child is enrolled in.

Personal Property:

We cannot be held responsible for any personal property you or your child brings to class and we cannot be liable for any loss or damage to such property. For this reason we recommend that students do not bring valuables to class.

Medical Care:

Trained staff will provide basic aid to the best of their ability in the event of a medical emergency. While we require that you inform staff of any medical conditions or allergies you or your child has, we will not be responsible for the administration of any medicines you or your child needs throughout the class.


Please email, call or text with any concerns or comments. 

Thank you for your support and understanding. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact me. It might be the best to text as I teach many of the classes. Have a wonderful year.

Kind Regards,


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