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About Junior Masters

At ArtMasters our children's art programs aim to enrich, stimulate and develop a child's confidence. We focus on Art Education, developing skills as well as creativity, aiming to awaken their artistic spirit. We encourage children to explore their imagination in a fun filled environment. Children participate and develop at their own pace and level. We cater for each individual child's interests and needs.


Children learn through observational and experimental processes. Our classes offer children an outlet to express their feelings, their experiences and their view of the world. We offer an extensive variety of experiences designed to develop and introduce and expose them to a wide circle of influential artists and styles.  Children are given the opportunity to explore many varying art mediums. They learn skills associated with two dimensional art, for example painting, drawing, and printing. We cover many areas including acrylic, oil, and watercolour painting and drawing mediums such as dry and oil pastels, inks, greyleads , colour pencils, charcoal, conte etc. Children also get the oppportunity to work with specialized activities in our advanced classes such as scratchboards, batik art, collage, three dimensional art - sculptures, mask making, T-shirt designs, and group murals, just to mention some of these exciting and enriching activities. Our art curriculums are professionally designed and very extensive . We cater for all levels. 

Throughout the year children produce a range of wonderful artworks. At the end of the year we hold an annual exhibition. The children get to select some of their art work to put on display. We invite their friends and family to come along and share this special day with our very talented and creative art students. The children thoroughly enjoy their art classes and are most enthusiastic as are their very passsionate and energetic art teachers. Our teachers believe that every child can learn to paint and draw with confidence, they just need guidance and encouragement from them. Our teachers are all fully qualified, knowledgeable and most professional. They will certainly help your child appreciate the beauty and wonder of the world of art and all that it has to offer them. Our teachers will guide your child to reach their full potential. They are all practising artists. It is most imperative that they are engaged with an artistic practise and are either producing artwork for exhibitions or work a disciplined personal practise. 


Children's Classes

Our childrens art classes are held on these days and times:


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday:
4:15 - 5:45pm


8:45am - 10:15am

2pm - 3.30pm


Junior Masters are students aged 6-12 years old.


Fees are $285 (inc GST) for a 10 week term, Including class set art materials. Students can also purchase a sketchbook for $19.50.

Book now! Please call to organise your booking or ask for further information.


2nd October - 10th December

2023 Term 4 dates:



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