Miffy Cieslik

Director of Art Masters

Miffy Cieslik is the director of Art Masters Visual Art School. She graduated from Monash and Melbourne Universities with distinction. She studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Monash University and has two further qualifications from Melbourne University, a Graduate Diploma in Education specialising in Fine Art and a Graduate Diploma in Graphic Design Education. The latter diploma allowed her the opportunity to implement the first year of the VCE Program. Miffy taught the first year of Unit 1 in Visual Communication, in the early stages of her teaching career. She has always appreciated challenges.


She has twenty six years of extensive teaching in Secondary/Primary school and Adult education in many different educational institutes. She is also an experienced and practicing artist. Her art practices focus heavily on illustration and painting, however she is also qualified in Ceramic, Graphic Design, Sculpture and Glass. She hopes to implement these interests in the classes she holds at her art school, Art Masters Visual Art School.




Miffy is a highly qualified, passionate, ambitious, enthusiastic, inspirational and hardworking art teacher and business administrator who has a strong classroom presence along with the ability to make a real difference to the lives of her students. She is not only energetic, committed and flexible, she

can also be an excellent role model to help students meet their own aspirations. Miffy enjoys working with art students of all ages: children, teenagers and adults.

She has a positive attitude to the use of authority and possesses excellent subject knowledge of art and design and its application in and out the classroom. One of her greatest strengths is to always provide an opportunity to raise the aspirations, confidence and self esteem of her students. Miffy has great organisational and communication skills and possesses an outgoing, cheery, patient, tolerant and warm disposition. She has strong interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with parents, staff and students alike. Her teaching style and knowledge in art curriculum development focuses on providing a strong foundation in drawing and painting for her students. She has been responsible for the extensive development of the art curriculum at ArtMasters.


This curriculum provides her students to learn many traditional art skills, techniques, styles, use of many mediums, etc. These strong foundational skills also allow her students to develop their own personal styles. She has a strong appreciation of the creative ability of her students and is passionate about helping them to build on and develop their natural talents and artistic skills.